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10 Steps to Creating a Healthier Lifestyle - A Unique Health Blog with Unique Contents

Creating a Healthier Lifestyle
Steps to Creating a Healthier Lifestyle

10 Steps to Creating a Healthier Lifestyle - A healthy lifestyle is a way of living, leading you to become both physically and mentally healthy. There are many elements that contribute towards living a healthy lifestyle such as diet, physical activity and healthy positive relationships.

  • Healthy Diet
  • A healthy diet is important to maintain a healthy weight.

    It’s not about limiting yourself to foods and staying clear of unhealthy foods like chocolate all together but it’s about eating a variety of foods in moderation.

    Starchy foods such as potatoes, pasta, bread and rice should make up one third of the foods in which you eat and should be included in a main meal. Five portions of fruit of fruit and veg should also be consumed each day too.

    When you go shopping make sure you take a list with you with all of the different things you need to make healthy nutritious meals every day.

    Going shopping with a list will also save you money too, rather than just throwing everything that takes your fancy into the shopping basket.

    Make sure not to skip breakfast, in fact breakfast should be your biggest meal of the day with the meal sizes gradually getting smaller, with dinner being your smallest.

    For more information on how to eat well and get the right nutrition take a look at the eat well plate.

  • Improve your physical activity
  • Physical activity alongside a healthy lifestyle will help prevent weight gain but also help to maintain your current weight.

    Exercise also influences your mood thanks to the increase of serotonin levels. Serotonin levels rise during exercise creating an antidepressant effect, leaving you feeling happier and more relaxed.

    Not only that but it also helps to lower the risk of strokes, diabetes and cancer by up to 50%, combine this with not smoking and a healthy diet you are well on your way to leading a longer healthier life.

    Try taking up a sport such as running, it’s free and you can decide upon new routes making it more interesting.

    If you need a little more guidance try joining a gym, they will have fitness instructors and staff that are able to guide and help you. With a vast range of equipment that you can choose from to tone all areas of your body, you will find something to suit you.

  • Distance yourself from social media
  • Technology has quite literally taken over the world but sometimes it can be a little too much and actually have a negative impact on us.

    Many people use their mobile devices right up until they fall asleep, this is not only constantly stimulating your mind because of the light but also causing eye strain.

    You’re also more likely to become stressed, where you will find it harder to get to sleep, waking up tired, leading to lack of concentration and lack of energy for exercise causing you drink caffeinated drinks where you will end up within a vicious cycle.

  • Quit smoking and cut down alcohol intake
  • You knew it was coming… stopping smoking is right up there as one of the main contributing factors towards living a healthy life.

    Despite all your hard work eating healthy, exercising and sleeping well if you are still a smoker then there is no point.

    Swap your traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes instead. Although there has been a lot of controversial backlash over the use of the e-cigs there have been significant findings that confirm their success, such as the recent ASH Report.

    There are also other methods such as nicotine patches, sprays and gum which you can buy or get from your doctor.

    Reducing alcohol intake is beneficial for weight loss (if you drink it regularly) as there are up to 600 calories in just one bottle of wine.

    As alcohol is a depressant and can affect our brains balance of chemicals, if you are already suffering from mental health issues it can be best to cut down or avoid alcohol altogether.

  • Get to bed earlier
  • Getting enough sleep can benefit your heart, weight and mind.

    It’s scientifically proven that sleep will improve your memory, help you to live longer, increase creativity and concentration and make you more alert.

    Your immune system is also strengthened by sleep, a study carried out showed 150 people get their sleeping habits monitored for 2 weeks whilst being exposed to a cold virus and the people who got less than seven hours sleep a night were in fact 3 times more likely to develop the cold than those who got at least 8 hours a night.

  • Create time for yourself
  • Remember to create time for yourself. Don’t let the stresses of everyday life build up, allow your brain to unwind and reboot.

    Take at least an hour every day to distance yourself from your problems and have a little you time, whether that be by having a long relaxing soak in the bath or going on a walk, leaving you feeling refreshed.

    If you don’t make time for yourself it could lead to disastrous effects such as when you do finally find the time to take yourself out of every day stresses, or decide to go on holiday you could come down with ‘Leisure sickness’ which is followed by fatigue and cold like symptoms that could ruin your entire holiday.

  • Maintain good friendships
  • Humans are social beings and rely upon the social interaction, the benefits of positive relationships can see a decrease in depression and anxiety too.

    Even if it’s a coffee date or a walk around the park for a quick catch up with a friend, it will all leave you feeling a lot better and more positive.

  • Make little changes
  • Why not swap the lift for the stairs instead? Swapping your chocolate bar or cookie for an oat bar or a piece of fruit?

    You will feel less lethargic afterwards and still be rewarded with lots of energy and a full stomach.

  • Drink more water
  • Water is key to losing weight and keeping hydrated, If you don’t drink enough your body will hold it in fear it won’t get any for a while, leading you to appear more plump and a little bloated.

    Drinking water will also help keep skin looking good and hydrated, alongside with boosting your productivity!

  • Set goals
  • Have set goals which will keep you motivated and determined to keep healthy and don’t become discouraged if you slip up.

    Once you have figured out the elements of creating a healthy lifestyle figure out your own method to maintain it, one that will work and suit your lifestyle.

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