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10 Eye Health Tips to Protect Your Child’s Vision

Eye Health Tips

10 Eye Health Tips to Protect Your Child’s Vision - Eyes are one of the most delicate parts of the human body and also one of the most vital. Although nobody can guarantee passing on perfect vision to their child, you can take ample precautions to ensure that their eyes remain undamaged, and that their vision remains excellent long into their adult life. Here are the top ten considerations that every parent should make.

1.    Book Regular Check-Ups

It may be too early to be thinking about prescription glasses for your child’s eyesight, but it is never too soon to take them along to the optician’s for a simple eye test. Not only will the expert opinion alleviate your worries and highlight any issues in need of attention, it will also familiarize your child with the process of looking after their eyes from an early age.

2.    Sunglasses

Glasses are the number one line of defense for your kids’ eyes, and every child likes to be equipped with a cool set of shades for the summer months. You needn’t get your children’s glasses direct from an optician either: any approved pair will offer protection to young eyes.

3.    Physical Protection

Children love to play all kinds of games and sports. And whilst it is almost never practical or affordable to try and coax your little ones into wearing protective glasses or goggles, there are some occasions when this is a must. The most common of these are sports like swimming, squash and horse riding – where germs, or flying objects may otherwise cause your child injury.

4.    A Healthy Diet

Preparing balanced and nutrient-rich meals for your child will help them in every aspect of their life: from their fitness and concentration to protecting their eyesight.

5.    Provide a Smoke-Free Environment

Smoking is one of the leading causes of serious, permanent eye problems. The effects of smoking have been demonstrated to speed up the decline in eyesight of those suffering from both cataracts and optic nerve damage. If you have young children, you should already be doing your best to shield them from second hand smoke. Knowing that your bad habit could be damaging their eyesight for the future should be one more reason.

6. Exercise

Exercising has a more direct influence on your eyesight than you might realize. Problems such as poor circulation and type two diabetes from an inactive lifestyle can cause long term problems to your child’s vision.

7.    Accessories

There’s no need to grab your child a pair of expensive glasses direct from your opticians at the first sign of sunny weather, however. In fact, a physical barrier is often a safer and cheaper alternative to UV-blocking eye-wear. Hats and visors are not only an extra means of defense – kids love to wear them, too.

8.    Educate

Keeping young eyes healthy means educating both your child, and yourself. If children are taught from a young age that they must never look directly into the sun – in any situation or with any level of protection – then you minimize their risk of permanent retinal damage. Get them into the habit of using protective eyewear and they will always be safe.

Many of the most common eye problems can be hereditary – from short sightedness to cataracts. Find out about your family’s history of vision defects and look out for the tell-tale signs.

9.    Eye Strain

With so much of our life now taking place in front of screens – be they televisions, computers, tablets or smart phones – it can be incredibly easy to overwork your eyes without even realizing it. As a parent you should limit the hours your child spends in front of a screen, ensure that the environment is well lit and, if they do require prescription glasses, encourage them to always wear them whenever they watch TV or play a video game.

10.    Look For Warning Signs

Which brings us neatly onto staying vigilant and observing your child’s behavior. Young children will not always report changes in their vision, so it is a parent’s job to take notice. Appearing to miss objects, changes in focus and blinking, or constant eye rubbing could all be signs that you should seek out an expert opinion.

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