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RBC Life Insurance Review

 See below for ratings, quotes, and an in-depth review of RBC's life insurance products.

RBC prices are 6% lower than prices of competitors. However, they tend to be more competitive for non-smokers versus smokers.

Looking to compare life insurance providers? Read more reviews for the biggest life insurance companies in Canada.

RBC life insurance coverage plans: pricing comparisons

RBC term life insurance pricing vs. competitor term life insurance products

Looking for the best value? See how the price of RBC’s term life insurance stacks up against the prices of products offered by other Canadian term life insurance providers.

Scores are based on PolicyMe’s Term Insurance Price Index, an in-depth analysis of prices for 108 combinations of gender, age, term length, coverage amount, health status, and smoking status.

RBC Insurance Pricing by Customer Traits

Even if you and your next-door neighbour buy life insurance from the same insurance company, you may not pay the same price. That’s because life insurance companies base your price largely on your age, policy coverage amount, policy duration, smoking status, and current health status. Some companies are more lenient about specific customer characteristics and provide better pricing than other companies for people with these characteristics.

Here’s a breakdown of how RBC’s life insurance prices compare to prices offered by other companies for various customer characteristics.

RBC Life Insurance coverage details: options and features

Term lengths 10 to 40 years

Coverage up to $25,000,000

Common Features

  • Level premiums– Premiums remain the same for the entire length of your term
  • Guaranteed renewability– When your term insurance policy expires, you can renew  it without undergoing a medical review
  • Convertible– You can convert your term insurance policy into a permanent policy without undergoing a medical review
  • No-obligation review period– Once you receive confirmation that your policy has been issued, you have 30 days to sign a delivery receipt and authorize your payment method

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